Cats and Christmas trees just don’t go together!
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Funny Pets prepared for you a video of CATS VS Christmas Trees, check it out!

So there you have it! CATS VS Christmas Trees. Cats and Christmas Trees Just Don’t Mix!

MauMau vs Christmas Tree – Cat fail

Расслабься и смотри
Прикол – Кот и Ёлка

Ёлко Кот

КОТ и Новогодняя ЁЛКА Прикол! ахах

Lg Sn
Bengal Cat: cat vs Christmas tree

Jennifer harley
Cat in Christmas tree

Crazy cat attacks christmas tree

Cat Knocks down Christmas Tree

Cat and christmas tree

Cats in Christmas Tree

Gregory Coffer

Gutz Man
Cat in the Christmas tree

Anna Lomidze
Cat On The Christmas Tree!

Nicky Scholl
Cat in christmas tree

Reagan Smith
Cat attacks Christmas tree

Kizette Brooks
Cat Christmas tree destroyer Bengal

Sergiy Gnap
Cat & Christmas Tree Fail

Caters Clips
Cat Sits On Top Of Christmas Tree

Panda Ger
Cat on Christmas tree

Happy Eyes
Cats Play in a Christmas Tree

Natasha BN
My cat and Christmas tree

Germaine Bettridge
Our 20lb cat knocked over our 12′ Christmas Tree

Cristi Vuolo
Cat getting stuck in Christmas tree

Michele Walfred
Loki the tabby cat sees his first Christmas tree

Xmas tree cat

play brothers in game
Cat in a Christmas tree

Barbie Ayer
Cat lives in Christmas Tree.

Conrad Edkins
Cat pulls down Xmas Tree

Jamie Jh

Misha Chytova
Bruce the ginger cat chewing the Xmas tree

Tammy Grimes Yarber
Cat crying after climbing the Christmas tree

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CATS VS Christmas Trees:

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